Animal Chin @ Woodward West

Jersey Knit Flannel in Women’s Large

This is a fabric print of my oil painting sewn onto my favorite fitting lightweight jersey knit flannel.

They look good on everyone but this size is based on women sizes and run small. They are stretchy and super soft and comfy. Print is Organic Cotton. Shirt is Polyester.

This print is fun to mash with colors you wouldn’t think work together and watching the color and image pop. Wear something as bold and rare as the skaters that take on that ramp.

The original oil painting was created at Moxi Skate Camp in Woodward West capturing the monumental “Animal Chin” half pipe. I painted while listening to Enzo Tight’s class on “Getting out of your Head: Overcoming Fear”. This was a pivotal moment in how I both paint and execute rollerskating.

A magical place, a magical time and magical people and now you can take that feeling with you…

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