plein air or plein-air (plān′âr′, plĕ-nĕr′) adj. 1. Of or being a style of painting produced out of doors in natural light.[From French (en) plein air, (in) the open air : en, in + plein, full + air, air.]

Jirsa is a painter and textile artist born in South Dakota that has spent the last 24+ years plein air oil painting across the US. Having visited every state but Alaska and created oil paintings in over half of them, Jirsa’s art demonstrates a deep compassion for each place and moment with its own unique beauty.
“The grass isn’t greener on the other side it is just a different shade of green.”
Creating the majority of their paintings outside on location, these thoughts along with the vibrant energy of the outdoor air, inspires colorful brushstrokes that capture the brilliance of a specific place with extraordinary depth.
The goal is not just an impressionistic tribute to the beautiful world that surrounds us but normalizing an elite art form and taking it to the streets to be enjoyed by the masses.The power of painting on location is the interaction and bond formed with the community and neighborhoods in which they paint. The painting itself then provides an instant escape to those who behold it.
Jirsa originally studied oil painting under Lisa Yuskavage in NYC and graduated from New York University in 1999 with a degree in Art Education.
Currently based out of Oakland, CA since 2010,Jirsa can be found with their easel set up all over the Bay Area capturing historical places and movements, unique people, street corners and watering holes.

Currently you can see and purchase examples of my work in person at:

City Art Cooperative Gallery
828 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 970-9900