The Interfaith Coalition

I missed a few weeks at Occupy for a opportunity up North, apon returning to Oakland and an internet connection, I was so excited to hear of the great strides that had being made, the strike, and the first shutting down of the port! 

The day I returned to paint was November 10.  It was sunny and I picked a shady spot just outside the encampment by the Bart Station. I spent the day painting the Interfaith Coalition’s tent amongst the company of Pastor Preston Walker (figure in 11-10-11 painting).We hadn’t talked much more than me asking permission to include him in my painting, but the day’s events will make the connection between us far more real if not tragic. A twenty-five year old man was shot and died within yards of where I had been painting. This event still saddens me greatly, but does not lessen my love for Oakland or the occupation.

I believe in the power of love over the power of hate.